Problem with material converter form blender to cycles

Dear Community,

for a reason unknown to me the converter from blender materials to cycles materials ( filesize 23814 bytes) is not working for me. What ever I tried, I keep getting an error
Node type Error BSDF_DIFFUSE undefined

The setup is as simple as can be: in Poser I textured a cube, exported it as .obj, imported it into Blender, where I have installed the converter addon, but when I click on the “BLENDER > Cycles” button I always get this error.

I tried Blender 2.71 and some older versions on Windows 8.1, Vista, 7 and OpenSUSE 13.1, but it is always the same.
I even opend a bug report but they answered that everything works all right for them. So there must be something I am doing wrong in the first place. But what?
These are the steps I am doing:
Start Blender -> set Blender Render -> File -> Import cube.obj -> scale 10 times (optional of course) -> in rendered preview looks OK -> right click on cube -> Material -> Automatic Massive Material Nodes: BLENDER > Cycles -> Node type Error BSDF_DIFFUSE undefined

I tried many other things but nothing worked. So, how is this addon used correctly?



Unfortunatly the Python Api have changed, and the script does not work anymore in new versions of blender.

For example, adding a new diffuse node, is no longer ‘‘Diffuse BSDF’)’, but ‘‘ShaderNodeBsdfDiffuse’)’.
you can try to talk to Silvio Falcinelli, and ask him if he can update a new version of the script.
Or you can download a previous version of Blender to use the script (2.62 is the one he was using at the time), save the scene, and load it again in 2.71

Also, if your scene is just a cube, and the material is simple, you can do the change by hand in just a few minutes.

Hello Secrop,

thanks a lot. With Blender 2.62 it works without any problems!

>if your scene is just a cube, and the material is simple, you can do the change by hand in just a few minutes

Sure, but actually I want to convert the Urban Sprawl from DAZ3D and that’s something that can’t be done manually within a few minutes :wink: