Problem with Maya

Hey I just bought Maya 6 and I have this major problem! I can’t right click in the work space area! I don’t know what I did or how to fix it. Any suggestions?


Put the mouse over the work space area, and click the right mouse button.

Sorry, that was a kneejerk reaction. I try not to be a dick. Maybe the forums at would be a good place to start.

Yeah it doesnt work when I do that.

wrong forum, i guess. kinda.

Maybe you must configure your mouse in maya’s preferences/options.

Try preferences>interface>mouse tracking and choose either 2 or 3-button mouse.

I went into settings/prefrences and then into interface but didnt find anything on the mouse tracking.


I would have thought they would make all Maya 6 preferences in the same place for all platforms. Maybe check your help guide and search for mouse.