Problem with MipMap

Hello there!

I have some problems with mipmaps in my game. I build a street and some trees (look at the file!) but now the textures are too fast too blurry. If I change the Filter-parameter or turn off the Mipmaps in the material-panel, nothing happens.
But if I turn off Mipmaps for the whole program (System&OpenGL -> Mipmaps), its too grainy.
What can I do?

Made with 2.47 Apricot and GLSL Materials

Controls: W A S D for moving, space for bracket

Hoping for some fast answers
… sorry for my englisch.

I have to push this thread, sorry. Is there a way to control mipmap in GE? Blender 2.47 Apricot. :frowning:

it would be nicer to have trilinear or anisotropic filtering, but well maybe its too much :slight_smile:

As it’s been said many times before it would be great if we could set the filters for individual textures that are displayed in the viewport or Game Engine. For example if you wanted to emulate the look of a PlayStation One game you could use point sampled textures or if you wanted to stop a grass texture getting noisy in the distance you might set if to tri linear mip mapping.

Being able to use different filters in the same viewport would be ace (like Multigen).