problem with mirror

i think my mesh is the culprit, but i can’t figure out what went wrong.

with this mesh neither the mirror modifier (applied to eyeball) nor the mirror (x-axis) in sculpting mode works correct, the latter does not do anything actually. as i have done both types of mirror successfully in past, i believe i messed up the mesh somehow. the mesh has a multires modifier on it, with one subdivision so far. the mesh renders fine, so i cannot see a problem with it, but something is very wrong, as no mirror function is working with expected results … what is going on here ? and how can i fix it ? to illustrate the problem :

For the eye ensure you have cleared its rotation before mirroring (Ctrl+N)
For sculpting apply mirro modifier and then use the symmetry options in the sculpt tools panel

For Eyes—> i can’t find the objects median point… make it proper, then make 3d cursor exact middle of the eyes and make eye-ball Origin to fall on 3d cursor–>Origin–>Object to 3dcursor…

thanks for quick reply…sadly, problems still there ,i deleted the mirror modifier of the eye,cleared the rotation of the eye, and applied the mirror modifier again. the mirror eye appears at the same position but rotated now… if i put a different mesh as mirror object, the eye (even that with rotation) gets mirrored correctly.

the mesh is not symmetrical, only the face is, but my idea was to use the mirror function in the sculpting mode for the face alone, and turn it off when i sculpt the hair.

Attach the blend file so that i can explain to you easily with screen shots…

i just checked, median point of eye is exactely in center of ball

What about the rotation of the head model as you are using that as the pivot point for the eye mirror. As said above, always add your blend file so you don’t have to waste other users time as they have to second guess what your model is doing…

Here is the solution

oh, i am sorry, did not know i should attach file…now i tried … and i am sorry, i not able to upload it, the uploader always says an error occured, upload of file failed.
i am sorry, i made such mess. thank you both for your effort. the object origin move also give same wrong result. please forget my problem, i not want waste time when i cannot upload the file.

ok, i found what was wrong : i had rotated somehow the local axis of the mesh. i aligned the axis to the standard global axis again, and now all is working fine… thanks again for helping, your suggestions made me able to find the mistake. … and, next time, i will do better when asking a question.