problem with mist/camera

i decided to add an ipo to my camera for my racing game, in order to be able to change the view, but it was not funtioning properly, so, i deleted the old camera, added a new one, gave it an ipo, which worked fine, just as it should,…but,…my mist disappeared and won’t come back. :frowning: anyone have a similar experience? bug report time?
<edit> i may have found a workaround, though i have not yet attempted to add an ipo, when i add my second camera, before deleting the first, the mist seems to be ok.
<edit> arg never mind the ipo isn’t behaving now. no idea what the problem is,…must be in the anim settings.
<edit> i think what i actually did there was delete the wrong camera. i tried replacing again, and it was back to the original problem with the mist. i noted that i don’t have to make the camera into an actor for it’s ipo to play this time. maybe it’s something to do with that. shrug.
<edit> DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE it was something in the mist settings,…I must have inadvertantly changed them, but I still am not quite sure why it wasn’t working. :-?