Problem with nla's repeat option and centers

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Im rigging up a character, but im having problems with the objects and armature’s centers. I mean,i’ve done an action with 90 frames length, its a walkcicle. So, the armature “does” 2 steps and moves forward a little(because it’s walking :wink: ), the problem is: when the armature and the object parented to it moves forward both centers stay back in their initial
position, so if i want to repeat the action (in nla winow) its starts again in the “delayed” center.

I’ve tried to parent the armature to a path (as in malefico’s tute),
and the centers move, but still behind.

What should i do?, what im doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

here are 2 explanatory images:

(malefico) #2

mmm, let’s see, first of all, you don’t have to move the character in a walkcycle, just make it walk “in place”. Now, if you want to make it advance without using a path, you should change the armature’s location by inserting keyframes (no matter if you’re using NLA nor actions).

If you do use a path, parenting the armature to it (select armature THEN path, and CTRL-P) you should set “UsePath” in the NLA strip. But be careful of not having any action selected for the armature !

The path should be a “Path Curve”, right ?

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m forgetting something. If this doesn’t work, send me the blend to check out.



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Thanks for replying.

I’ve try making the walk in place, but if i slow down the animation looks like if the object were skiing (so i’ve to change the speed setting of the curve path), this is why i did the animation moving the character:moving one leg, then the other leg, and so the body follows the legs, i think is more realistic, and i would want to repeat this sequence while moving trough a path.

Here is the .blend file for better understanding.