Problem with normal maps and glossy materials.

Hi to all.

I’ve got one problem with normal maps. I’m trying to make a low poly mesh of a sculpted high poly helmet but it seems to appear weird lines in faces which sould be smooth. It doesn’t happen with the high poly model. I’m rendering this in Cycles and if I choose to use a diffuse shader, then there aren’t any of those lines. It only happens with glossy shaders. The normal map was baked on the Internal Render Engine as a 2048px PNG and applied in Cycles as displacement map. Am I doing something wrong?

This is the Normal Map, the low poly mesh, and the high poly mesh.

Advanced thanks.

PD:Sorry if there is any grammar mistake, I’m from Spain.

first if you want to see nice normal bumps you need some glossy !
now your not supposed to have yellow in your normal map
this means you have inward normals on you model

so correct these normals then re bake it and it should work fine

happy cycles

Yeah, rebake it with recalculated normals. And as for the cycles nodes, you can use the normal map for displacement, but the proper node setup looks like this. I struggled with the nodes for a bit, until Stan Pancakes told me the right way. It is a normal map after all, so why not use the normal map node?

Thanks man. That solved my problem.