problem with normals?

Hi, i’ve been working on a mailbox - it seems I’m nearly done, however I can see a slight abnormality with the light reflections when I render it (see pic). I think the issue may be something to do with the normals? If you want a better look I’ve included the .blend. Thanks :slight_smile:


letterbox1.blend (1.09 MB)

Actually, at that point, your geometry is not attached the lower part. that’s why, it is looking bit bad. Also, lot of extra vertices are in your model along with Ngons, which is bad for renders as well. Do a rework on your model. it will go away.

Thanks, dukejib. Youre advice helped a lot, I have been learning so much through asking questions on blenderartists. Initially I had no idea how to tell if the geometry was attached or not - just look at where the lines come off the verticies in edit mode! So simple, but in all the hours of tutorials I’ve watched, I’ve never heard this mentioned before.

You really do have to learn before you can walk. I’ve got the model to the point I’m happy with - will now see if blendswap will accept it…

nice to know that you are not intimidated by learning curve. i my self learned a lot on this forum. More than tutorials. It is very good that you try first and ask later for help.
Nice model :slight_smile: happy blending.