Problem with parenting Armature (video)

Hi please look at this video. I’m really confused by this. i mirrored the hand mesh with the armature and if i rotate it in game engine it looks like this:

First suggestion:

  • make sure all parents have a scale of (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)

one of them have scale (-6.0, 6.0, 6.0) so i’m assuming that the blender mirror function is just reversing scale? is there any workaround for this?

Method1 :Select the floating hand and apply scale.(ctrl+a).
Method2: ALT+G and find the right position.
Method3: Alt+p keep transformation, apply scale,remove all vertex groups (if there are any)and parent again.

i’ve tryied every method you mentioned and none of them seems to work… the same problem… i dont get this!

Maybe you can show us a blend file? you can replace your models if you dont want to share them.

First off I think your scale sounds like the first problem. The (-6.0) is no good but you want everything at 1.0 for predictable animation.
I think what Blending BGE suggested should get you back on track. You definetly need to remove all the vertex groups. And definately need to apply your scale before parenting to your armature. Hopefully you made an alternate save file before you began rigging you can fall back on. I have had this happen before and sometimes starting over with doing any of the corrective steps before parenting is a best bet.

here’s the blend file…

everything is packed…

Weird your right arm came with the file but your left arm did not. Just empties in place of a mesh.
Also I am not having the exaggerated rotation from the hand mesh when I rotate it as you did in your video.

My bad just verified its bad rotation in the game engine.

Did you ctrl"A" and apply scale and rotation to the meshes, after I did that they rotated fine in the game.