problem with poly modeling

Okay i’m not sure what i did wrong here. My Goal was to create a blade type thing. Obviously with an hole in ine end. I started from a circle and extruded my way from there…duplictated stuff, added faces, closed the mesh and finally added a subsurf mod.

Now the mesh looks very very messed up. So i checked the normales and they wore all wrong (as you can see below). So i recalculated, flipped and messed around, but i couldn’t find a way to fix this. When set to smooth, the problem becomes very occurend.

I checked the mesh and it seems closed to me, no doubles to be removed, but recalc norm does not work.

Are there other tools to manage my normals? Any hints on how to repair such a mess?

i attached 2 screenshots where you can see the mesh and the blend.

Would be very nice, if someone can point me to a direction :slight_smile:


problem_mesh.blend (208 KB)

I can’t look at your blend now but check you haven’t any internal faces. Also select in object mode and then Cntrl+A.



Your model had lots of internal faces and other odd edges causing your
normals problem.

Have attached a cleaned up model. The following URL is meant for lightwave
but the concepts hold true for all catmull-clark subdivision surfaces. Well worth

Do you have an image of the blade effect you want? Maybe I could help with

Kindest Regards,



problem_mesh_fixed_sortof.blend (147 KB)

Thank you very much. I really didn’t check for internal faces. That was it.

Thanks for the fixed blend pixeltwist, but i just recreated it…this time spending more time with right extruding methods.

regards :slight_smile: