Problem with project from view unwrap


I’m trying to simulate an anamorphosis.
I used the project from view unwrapping mode giving me this great result for what I want:

Unfortunately, 3D viewport is another story…:no:

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks a lot!


I think my initial post may be unclear.
The image gets distorted in the viewport:



Project from view…Do what it say…It project from the view You see…Try prees 1 front view and Unwrap it…It should Unwrap Your Mesh right.


Well in this case, it doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to…
First image is the UV layout and it goes fine.
Second image is the 3D viewport and the texture is distorted (see the image in my second post).

Maybe if You oploading Your file some can help You…If You upload it remember to pack texure into Blendfile.

When You unwrap it You are in viewport Edit mode…It should be the same You see in viewport Object mode.

At least that the way it work when I unwrap.


Alright, I wanted to share the blend but I have a strange thing with my model.
The scale is 1/1/1 but when I paste the model in a blank file, it’s 25 times bigger…

I applied the scale using CTRL+A but I get different global and local values. What did I miss there?

It’s 13Mb, so I used WeTransfer.
Here’s the link:


Looks a little messy…:slight_smile:

I can’t see where to place it…But it looks like You have Projected the hole Mesh…?

You shall select the Face You want to project to in face mode…Place Face strait in viewport…Then U - Project from view.

It should Project texture right on these Face.

See Picture I projcted image to 1 Face on Your Mesh and it looks Right ?


Hope I have understood You Questions right…Any way it’s now easier to get it solved with Your Blend file.

So if this did not solve it hopefully another Blenderhead will get the answer for You…:slight_smile:


Project your texture from an orthographic view not a perspective view.

In the viewport, the texture gets distorted in some areas. The UV layout and the viewport should be exactly the same for what I need to achieve.

Indeed, orthographic projection gives better results but I need my projection from the camera view…

Thanks a lot for helping me! I really appreciate! :slight_smile:

Without much looking into the file (and i hope i’m right)- image gets distorted because there is not enough points in uvs for math to work. Subdivide mesh a lot more. I mean, a lot, and try to get quads which means initially cut manually all what looks like elongated rectangles. After, you could use Subdiv mod Simple mode telling UVs to use mod.

Hi Eppo!
I think you got it!
Subdividing the mesh was the thing. I need to make a complete test to be sure but I think that’s the trick here!

I will let you know as soon as I have time to confirm!
Thanks all for your help!