Problem with Python scripts on Windows

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Python scripting and I’m looking for help with a python script. I’m trying to run a shared script on GitHub, but I’m having trouble with it. These are Python scripts and blender files for 3d construction of airfoils, hydrofoils, surfboards etc.:

Author’s website:

As the author writes - the scripts were created in Python on Linux. Maybe that’s why I can’t run them in Blender on Windows:

I currently use blender’s long term support version 2.83.9 (on linux) spcifically the tgz download, unpack and therein start blender. This allows me to use different versions in parallel (just in case).

For the curve simplification check to have edit>preferences>add-ons> Add curve: simplfy curves+ activated

Python modules
Blender comes with a bundled python in whereYouUnpacked/blender-2.91.0-linux64/2.91/python/bin

First check to have an up to date pip3 in the bin dir:

cd whereYouUnpacked/blender-2.91.0-linux64/2.91/python/bin
./python3.7m -m ensurepip
./python3.7m -m pip install -U pip

Now you can install python modules

./pip3 install matplotlib

For the foil analysis stuff, we need to be able to read / write xml files and tehrefore need

./pip3 install beautifulsoup4

When running a script, the Console displays the following error:

but I have Python 3.9 and Matplotlib installed.

I also have a problem on line 10 with the path to the files. I don’t know if I’m doing it right. The correct path is:

I would be very grateful for your help

Scripts license:

You have to install into the “whereyouinstalledBlender\Blender-2.83.7\2.83\python\bin”
it needs to be in the python bin…

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Thank you for your answer.
I guess I did just that. I’ve uploaded scripts to C: \ Program Files \ Blender Foundation \ Blender 2.92 \ 2.92 \ python \ bin. Unfortunately, scripts in Blender still won’t run. The error is the same - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘matplotlib’.

So I tried to execute the commands of the author of these scripts, which are included here:

In Windows PowerShell I went to the path: cd ‘C: \ Program Files \ Blender Foundation \ Blender 2.92 \ 2.92 \ python \ lib’

I entered the command:

.\ Python.exe -m ensurepip

I received the answer:

Looking in links: c: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ tmpulmb4se0
Requirement already satisfied: setuptools in c: \ program files \ blender foundation \ blender 2.92 \ 2.92 \ python \ lib \ site-packages (41.2.0)
Requirement already satisfied: pip in c: \ program files \ blender foundation \ blender 2.92 \ 2.92 \ python \ lib \ site-packages (19.2.3)

Then I typed the command:

.\ Python.exe -m pip install -U pip

I got the answer:

Collecting pip
Downloading (1.5MB)
| ████████████████████████████████ | 1.5MB 1.3MB / s
Installing collected packages: pip
Found existing installation: pip 19.2.3
Uninstalling pip-19.2.3:
Successfully uninstalled pip-19.2.3
Successfully installed pip-21.0.1

Unfortunately, I can’t enter the appropriate command to install:

./pip3 install matplotlib
./pip3 install beautifulsoup4

Please help me.
Thank you so much!


.\Python.exe -m pip install matplotlib
.\Python.exe -m pip install beautifulsoup4

Let me know if it works out :wink:

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You should stay in the Bin Directory…
you are appending the math and soup4 libs to Python…

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Thank you very much for your help!

These commands started working when I entered the directory: ‘C: \ Program Files \ Blender Foundation \ Blender 2.92 \ 2.92 \ python’
and typed the commands:

. \ bin \ Python.exe -m pip install matplotlib
. \ bin \ Python.exe -m pip install beautifulsoup4

Now some scripts have started working but some still have an error.
Maybe the form of entering the path to the “scripts” directory is incorrect:

I think I will give up because I think I’m jump in at the deep end.
Basically, I wanted to create an airplane wing by loft the airfoils along two rails (leading edge and trailing edge). The straight extrude is not a problem in Blender, but I couldn’t find an idea for the loft by curved rails. So I found these scripts that do this but getting them started is too much complicated for me.
Is there any way to make a wing like this?

Python script failed, check the message in the system console

If you post what you’re getting in the system console, it might be easier to find a solution.
(in the topbar menu >> windows >> toggle system console)

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Right, They really should be placed in Blenders Script Folder…

Just look where you installed Blender…also…you can specify where the scripts are located in Preferences…File Paths

Also if you activate the included Add-On > Add Curve: Curve Tools it adds the Loft function…

EDIT: I forgot about the Last One…

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Thank you very much for your help!

I’ll use your solution, it should get the right effect.

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