Problem with Ray Transp

I’ve been trying to get the glass looking right, but when I tried changing from ZTransp to Ray Transp in order to get some refractions goin on, it looked like this:

Any ideas as to why that would happen?

lower the alpha value in the material settings.

I all ready know about the alpha value, that’s how I got ZTransp to work. My problem is that Ray Transp is opaque unless I put the alpha to 0, in which case it disappears. Otherwise it looks exactly like that black and white pic.

I’d pm the blender file to anyone who wouldn’t mind taking a look.

Do you have Ray button pressed in the render buttons (F10)? Should make the raytrans work correctly.

Turn on the OSA button too, to reduce the ‘jaggies’ around the mesh edges.

Sub-surf the wooden sections too, to remove the hexagonal look, unless thisis the required look you want.

Hope this helps,


It’s fixzor’d!

Thanks for the tips. They were, and will continue to be, infinitely helpful. :slight_smile:

You needn’t change material alpha when using ray tracing, just leave it 1.00 or other number more than 0.
Change the IOR, Fresnel and Fac under Ray Transp, Ray Transparency work with these.

a short tutorial on transparency:
Tutorial: transparency
May be would it be helpful. Check for the text in italics, because french and english share the same pages…

Only it’s not english. He needs to write an english version.

Kansas, open up your eyes. It is in english. Check for the italic parts of the text.
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It’s a nice tutorial, thanks a bunch for making it. :slight_smile:

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