Problem with reading CPU temperatures during rendering

Hello - (Translated by google)

I wanted to check the temperatures on the processor and I get strange values. I have the impression that the

program is reading the values wrong? Does anyone know what’s going on? New PC set, cooling (be quiet! Dark

Rock SLIM 120mm)
I9-10850 3.6GHz processor, GIGABYTE RTX 3070 graphics, Gigabyte Z490 UD motherboard, 32 MB RAM

Below photos - comparison

  1. Render on GPU results after 15 seconds temperature is OK

  2. The CPU rendering results after 15 seconds is high temperature

Similar results in HWMonitor, Core Temp etc.


When the CPU is doing work (rendering), it draws more power and the temperature increases because it is drawing more power.

When the GPU rendering, your CPU is doing minimal work/idling, so the power draw is low hence the low temperatures.

This behaviour you are seeing is expected.

However your CPU temperature is higher than i would expect from a desktop while underload.
Are you in a hot country by any chance?
Is your PC in well ventilated area?

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Room temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. The room is well ventilated. Interestingly, right after turning off rendering, after about 5 seconds the temperature reading drops to 35-40 degrees. Is it possible for the temperature to drop so quickly?

I got around the same readings while using an air cooler (cheap ux100), i upgraded to a ML240RS and the temperature has never gone above 75c. I live in South Africa so it is fairly hot and humid, especially now in January when it is the hottest and we get the most rain of the year.

If i had to guess, i would say that an air cooler doesn’t have a lot of heat capacity compared to a radiator that has both more heat capacity and more surface area for cooling on the 240mm and 360mm units.

see that little piece of info, right by were it says “Core” ? no not the i9 thing, the other thing, where it says “Intel”.

yup, thats your problem. :sunglasses:

You were the one who installed the cooler? The temperatures you show might be normal with a stock cooler and a little overclocking, but not with that kind of cooler.
Make sure that the cooler is making good contact with the chip and that it has the corresponding thermal paste.
Sometimes the coolers come with an adhered plastic film covering the preapplied thermal paste. Make sure you have removed that plastic film. If it did not have pre-applied paste, then there is no film for sure

Just in case, from some utility or from the BIOS you investigate how to change the fan profile and set it to a speed suitable for hard CPU work.

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I would agree with this. It is throttling back from 5GHz to 4.8GHz, presumably because of the temperatures.

Like YAFU says, check that the cpu fan is ramping up under load, and the cooler is making good contact.

Is there an overclock enabled?

Getting too close to 100°C will damage the CPU. I think you need much better cooling, or like @YAFU said, make sure you have installed the cooler correctly.

based on your own image, the CPU draws over 200W of energy under load. The product website for your cooler lists it as rated for 180W or below. There is your problem.

I did a test - I rendered the scene on the CPU with values at 85-95 degrees Celsius. After 2 minutes, I reset the hardware and quickly started the BIOS - temperature 40 degrees. So I guess it’s not physically possible for him to cool down like this in 10 seconds. I suppose that the processor’s sensor readings have nothing to do with its actual temperature

Yes, it is possible. While render my CPU temp is 72ºC and it drops almost immediately to 42ºC at the end of the render.
As already suggested. You make sure that the cooler is making good contact with the CPU plate and with the corresponding thermal paste. Coolers are not only sitting on the CPU plate, the mechanisms that fix the cooler make them really put good pressure on the CPU plate.
What is the exact model and version of the Cooler? Have you checked if all the fans are spinning?

Just in case, you don’t make test with the CPU overclocked. Even if you did not manually Overclock the CPU, motherboard BIOS usually have profiles that Overclock the CPU.

Already provided in the OP, I already checked the website. His coolers wattage rating is below what his CPU is drawing.

@JarekLublin You can try increasing your fan speed via modifying profile in uefi/bios. Your better bet is to under clock the CPU a bit. Your best bet is to replace the cooler.

Yes, I had seen the image of the cooler by searching in Google. But I was wondering if there were several versions.
But I think he shouldn’t have such high temperatures even with stock cooler even though intel stock cooler sucks. And I think that cooler should be better than stock cooler.

I have seen that apparently those CPUs do not come with stock cooler. I suppose if the cooler is well placed and fans are working, until you get something better then you will have to under clocking as Felix_Kutt recommended.

Well, his CPU isn’t outright throttling so if the cooler fan can be pushed further and if the noise can be lived with it might do well enough for the short term without under clocking, just under clock is preferable.

But if he keeps pushing that cooler too far and using it out of spec for too long then someday the cooling pipes there will fail. Run dry. And they will offer no more heat transferal capability. It’ll probably take years to get to that point though.