Problem with render

Hey guys, i’m making a tutorial from Daniel Oakfield. The problem is when i render teh animation the tentacles of the jelly fish doesn’t move :frowning: what i’m doing wrong??

Here’s the video.

Hi, without the file it is impossible to know where you went wrong.

Here’s the file JellyFish.blend (779.0 KB)

ok, i will have a look and let you know.

Thanks mate!

It’s all working fine here, so it is something to do with your machine?

Same here…ran a new Bake and then rendered out just 64 frames and worked fine…
Blender 2.82.3

When i hit play in the programs everything seems look good, but when i make the render just the sphere animates, so i don’t know how to fix it hehe

That’s it!! i bake de dynamics and Voila! thanks guys!!