Problem with Rendering

Hello, this is my first model that i am having this problem with. first off, when i go to add a shade, or color to a selected object, it constantly applies it to the last constructed piece. secondly, when i go to rotate or move the camera, or crate a new view (ctrl+alt+num0), the last constructed object is moved in some strange position. Thirdly when i reset the camera with (ctrl+alt+0) i am able to zoom in to a perfect view on the model, however when i go to render it, the model is in an odd position, such as all the way at the top, or to the left. fourth problem, when editing the last constructed object, i return to object mode, and it moves into a strange angle that i cant realign it from. what am i doing wrong here? any help is appreciated, thanks.

Could you describe each problem a little more clearly, and maybe include some screenshots?

Strangely enough when i went in to take screen shots of the problems, it seemed to have solved itself. That may be due to shutting down my computer in the time between opening blender. The shade is being applied to the object that i selected, editing the last constructed object works, moving the camera is not moving the last constructed object, and the camera is updating in the new position with alt+ctrl+num0. Thanks for the response though.