Problem with rendering.

Hey! Please help me i don’t know what’s going on, three minutes ago everything was perfect and now blender is rendering very strange grid on my car. Did i turn on any option. I’m beginner i’m working with blender only 3 months and i don’t know many options.

Looks like you may have duplicated the car.

Move it to see if there is another in the same place.

Or select all in Edit mode then W -> Remove Doubles

You could also CTRL+N to recalculate normals


it looks to me like you managed to superimpose a material with a Blender generated test pattern instead of an image or some other internal generated textures like clouds etc.

Just check your textures tab.

Here is an example of how it might look right now :

An here is how it should look, if you use an image named “File_name”:

If you have still troubles pls. post a screenshot of the all texture settings for the faulty material.


Please Help My Mystery Problem, I Don’t Know How To Post Images In The Forum - Eternal Noob. So I Wiped This Up:

Its Shows How I Had A Crap Computer And It Rendered Nice And Crisp, Same File On Supercomputer Renders … Anti-Alias’d? I Don’t Understand. Please Help Or Point Me In Right Direction Because I Have Been Contracted To Do Some Work. Doh.

If you push on the picture frame in the editor an upload window pops up.

It seems to be a setup problem in the texture chanel.
Just make sure that these options are ticked off:

This is an option for interpolating lowres texture images.

The other idea would be to turn of any color-management in the scene section.


P.S.: Why didn’t you start a new thread? Because I think the thread starter is not as highly interested in your problems than you are.


@FlykeR This looks like duplicated geometry to me as mentioned before, as it would be difficult to add a texture without searching for it. Follow organic’s suggestion.

@d74g0n First of all, it is rarely the computer at fault. The first image is evenly lit all around and the second image appears to have a light missing from the foreground to light the near side. As far as the texturing itself goes, there are some options that need to be seen that are in question. To post attachments, go to “Go Advanced” below the quick reply box and then choose “manage attachments” and it goes pretty smooth from there. A blend file will help the most.