Problem with resizing a object along its local axis

Howdy iam trying to resize this face along its local x axis …So i pressed s xx to set the resize axis to its local orientation ; then i wanted to resize it by 80% by pressing .8 …but by some unknown reason absolutely nothing happened :frowning:

Normally when i resize something on its global axis then pressing .8 simply works …but why not on its local axis ?

Pressing the axis twice chooses whatever transform orientation (TO) is set on the header, which is normal in the cropped screenshot that leaves all other information out. When TO is set to global or local, pressing axis key twice chooses local axis.

If you want to scale it along the normal and it doesn’t, the screenshot doesn’t provide enough information to figure out the reason. Can only guess and I’m guessing the object has unapplied scale.

? i dont understand a single word . what information do you need ? ps it has no unapplied scale.

Double pressing the respective axis button does not always transform along the LOCAL axis.
Hitting the axis button multiple times rather toggles between GLOBAL and the mode you have chosen in the interface. In your case that is NORMAL.

I know that and its damm axis is already pointing towards its desired direction like seen in this pic :

: So how the hell do i now resize it with the .8 command ?? ps. iam a angry mad german and have 0 time.

S, X, X, 0,8, enter.

If that doesn’t work, people would need an example .blend to go through the settings and backtrack what has happened to the model to figure out the reason. The screenshot doesn’t reveal anything wrong, apart from the wrong scale value.