Problem With Reversed Background Images

Every time I set up background images for modeling, I soon find that the 3D view orientations are reversed from the background image orientations. For example, when I set up a background image to be visible only from the front of a model in orthographic mode, it turns I’m actually viewing the model from the back, in 3D space, whenever I turn it around to look at it after I’ve made some basic progress. Same thing goes for left and right, too.

How do I fix this? Flipping the background images horizontally in an image-editing program doesn’t solve the problem- it seems to be a discrepancy between the background image orientation and the 3D model orientation, within the program. Its rather annoying to have to switch background image orientation around in order to view the model’s proper orientation in 3D space, or vice-versa.

Can’t say that I’ve had this issue. Couldn’t you just rotate your model 180 degrees on the Z axis?