Problem with rigging/Rigify and mesh/bone stretching

Hello, I am relatively new to Blender and I am testing animation and rigging with a low poly character and Rigify. The problem I am having is, after generating the rig and going into pose mode, I am able to move many body parts like the arms and legs freely, resulting in them being stretched to infinity instead of being constrained, which makes most posing I do end up with stretched or odd looking limbs. I’ve tried messing with the “Auto IK Stretch” setting, but most bones were already at 0 and that didnt fix the problem. I was under the impression that Rigify made a complete rig, but am I wrong? I can only attach one image becuase I am a new user, but I hope thats enough to understand my problem.

That’s weird, I would also suggest the IK value, but you’ve already checked it.

Have you tried rigging it again from scratch? That would be my next move. And make sure the Armature and object have a scale of 1 before parenting.

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Stretching bones is actually a nice feature of rigify. But if its too much, you can adjust the IK stretch in the item tab of the N panel

edit: the thumbnail cuts off part of the image, click on it to see the full thing I guess.


Thank you for the help. I am still getting some weird behavior with Thigh IK, but I think that setting has fixed everything else, the arms and legs dont stretch anymore, thank you.

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