Problem with shade/render after boolean operation on text.

I did a boolean subtraction with 3D text from a solid. It is nicely calculated and the text “carved out” from the surface. But it shades not nicely (screenshot attached). Is there any way to make this shade/render better?


It looks like it messed up the mesh a little. Zoom in, in edit mode. I always just delete faces and replace them more correct.

Using smooth shading at such sharp angles such as this will give a poor result. If you want sharp edges to your text try adding an edge split modifier and set an appropriate sharp angle or preferably make the edges of your text as sharp from the Ctrl+E menu.
Before this you should clean up any mesh after boolean operations.

Many thanks for your help. I found out, that “flat shading” is giving me a much better result - screenshot attached.


To make sure the topology is nice, go into edit mode, select all faces (a), then press Control+F, then Beautify fill. This creates nice results (usually).
Then shade it smooth, but add an edge split modifier. You might want to vary the angle, but usually its just fine.