Problem with spanish accent...

Hi all…
This is my first post and I should say Hello everyone…

I’m working Blendering over two platforms.

On my iMac 21" screen 1TB HDD 8Gb memory and OSx Snow Leopard (I guess) 10.6.7, running the 64 bits OSX Intel, I can’t write spanish properly (for instance: técnica) it don’t type the “é”. This “problem” don’t occur in the rest of my applications.

Otherwise, on a laptop running XP 32 bits (yes, it’s still working) I’ve downloaded the 32 bit version Windows and it work properly.
Can anyone tell me where is my mistake?. I’ve checked all the User preferences and nothing change.
Any help will be apreciated…
Sorry for my (bad) english

Hi and welcome!

UTF-8 support is on the todo list of developers. We just have to wait until it gets done.

That means we must wait until UTF-8 works ok on Blender?
Solving this, I’ve saved a file with this text and I use it on my Apple
INScape, for example, don’t show this mistake…It’s work ok