Problem with steering seeking actuator


Attached is a .blend file,
where a Suzanne head chases you.
But if she gets a few yards close to you,
And you run behind her,
She won’t turn around to face you.
She’ll just be looking at where you were.

You have to leave her relax distance for her to start facing you again.

How can I make Suzanne always face you?

Thanks for your consideration.


AI Seeking Not Always Working Properly.blend (773 KB)

NODE A = If near actor( steer close distance) (positive pulse)
Node B = if near actor(far distance of enemy range)

A------and---------track to enemy

Thank you, BluePrintRandom! I added Edit Object: Track to, and it works!

But Suzanne only turns on the x-horizontal-plane.
She won’t tilt her head up if you’re on a high platform.
How can I fix this part?

Never mind. I figured it out. Click the “3D” button in the Edit Object Actuator.