Problem with "sticky" textures

I’m beating my head against the wall. Hopefully somebody can help.

I’m working on converting a 2d image to 3d using “sticky” textures. The plan, briefly, is to set the likely camera angle, draw the basic geometry of the scene, then just project the original image texture onto that with “sticky” textures. Viola! Basic 3d scene!

This works great until there’s something shiny in the scene. Stick textures just won’t cast a reflection for me. (Even though the ugly cube in the scene sure does!)

“I know how to fix that!” says I, and I UV unwrap it and bake the texture. No good. The baked texture is the shape of my image, but otherwise blank.

I have no idea what else to do. Any hints as to what to try? You help would me MUCH appreciated!

Sticky is only “stuck” from the position of the camera when you pressed the sticky button so it doesn’t calculate mirrored reflections at all. Usea Project Modifier with a second camera as the “Projector” Object and it should work.