problem with texture transparency

hello everyone, this might be quite a noobie question, thus it should be resolved quickly i hope :smiley:
I have watched several tutorials on this subject, but blender seems to differ from the videos. i am using a .psd file for a transparent texture. but the trasparency and the watercolour style does not translate in to blender.I have only applied the texture and nothing else. i would be really greatful for some help and would send possitive spiritual waves to you through my fast Lithuanian internet.

You haven’t used a mix shader to mix the diffuse shader and a transparent shader with the texture alpha channel as the mix factor

Why have you created a poll for this post ?

Photoshop and Blender don’t particularly agree on transparency, especially when it comes to .png files- the solution I’ve found is to copy the final alpha of the image in photoshop to the selection, and then create a new alpha channel (in the channels window press the new button) and then save, blender can read that alpha channel happily enough.