Problem with the Architecture Academy


So I know this is not the blenderguru forum but I thought someone might be able to help me…

I purchased a week ago the basic architecture academy program.
I watched a lot of Andrew Price video’s and really like the way he teaches so I thought it could help me.
Problem is when I registered I entered the wrong email adress by mistake.
The email adress I gave doesn’t exist anymore (I created it then deleted it a while ago) and I cannot recreate it.
I sent a couple of emails to the architecture academy customer service but it has now been a week and I never got any responses…
So I am now paying for a service I cannot use, I can’t even cancel my subscription since my emails are just being ignored… I understand I made a mistake at first and Andrew is a busy man but I also feel like when you offer a service like this you should offer a costumer service as well and not just ignore your client’s problems…

I was wondering if anyone here had a similar issue or a solution to propose?



I would start sending 3 or 4 emails per day, for the next couple of days, see if you can get someones attention.
You could also try to reach out to him at
I have gotten support from there pretty quick when needed.

Good luck.


I didn’t think of poliigon but that’s actually a good idea.
Since it’s his last project I guess he is mostly focused on that now and I probably have a better chance of getting his attention there (the architecture academy is probably old news now…)

Just send him a twitter message. He’ll probably see that.