Problem with UV unwrap

Hi I am running blender 2.6.2 on Windows 7. I am trying to unwrap the upper left quadrant of a vest to try to apply some textures in Gimp. Everytime I unwrap it appears in the image editor window as I want it. Then I run the script and save it as a tga. But when I open it in Gimp it has saved an image of the entire left side of the vest instead of the upper left quadrant I have unwrapped and that it shows I have unwrapped in blender (and yes I marked seams around upper left quadrant.) There is also a diagonal line running across image. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!


Here is a pic of what it looks like…

I’m not sure you can save only a partial UV layout. I don’t think the script reads what you see. I think it reads the uv layout of the whole mesh. Are you not going to unwrap the whole vest anyway? Why not have a complete uv layout? Do you plan on using different UV layers?

I guess my thinking was that by unwrapping part of it, it is easier to see. I don’t have anything against unwrappig the whole mesh other than that! I could have sworn I unwrapped on a small section of a model I did once to put a tatoo on it. I don’t remember having to unwrap the whole thing for that but I guess I could be rememering it wrong. As far as different UV layers I don’t think I am that advanced yet!
I still don’t understand the diagonal line either. Thanks for taking the time to reply…


I just realized occlude background geometry and both edges and vertices select seemed active on model. So I unclicked the occlude geometry and the edge button and it gave me a proper view of the UV unwrap. Yeah!

You need to unwrap the whole model, or when you use the uv layout in your material settings, only the part you unwrapped properly will display properly. The other parts will be…unwrapped. Nothing.