(gargola) #1

i got a problem: i made a scene(for a game),the scene is very big and when i tried to apply a texture to the “ground” of the scene,it looks weird,it changed of color(it’s a rock texture).the texture is big too(512x512),but it looks bad.what’s wrong?please help! :slight_smile:

(Bogey) #2

Have you chacked the vertex colours. You can alter the brightness with
with shades of grey from white through black, but if you had a colour
in the box when you pressed the f key it would make every face of the mesh that colour under your uv map. To fix it just set the sliders to what ever and press set vertex colour. Also you might have to press “A” select all faces, followed by copy draw mode button.

Hope that helps.


(gargola) #3

Thanx Pal! :slight_smile: