Problematic Import Issue

Well i wasnt going to post this because I was trying to find the solution myself like the silly person I am, I need your guys’ help on this ^^’. You see ive been trying to Rip Dreamcast model’s from SA2 because i wanted to study them, how they were made, how they were limited ect., and i was successful at one point. Comes to be that i can rip the Obj files just fine but theres a problem it seems with Blender not wanting to import the files anymore. X_X I thought it was 2.5 but i was wrong, i D/L’d 2.49 as well to test and same problem.

Here is the Script Error:

Importing obj “C\Users\aarons\Downloads\Documents\Documents\3DReaperDX\Frames\Frame_28.09.2011_07.26.49.obj”…
Traceback <most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\aarons\Downloads\Blender-2.49-win64.blender\scripts\”, line 975, in load_obj_ui
File “C:\Users\aarons\Downloads\blender-2.49-win64.blender\scripts\”, line 626, in load_obj
verts_tex.append( (float_func(line_split[1]), float_func(line_split[2])) )
ValueError: Invalid literal for float(): -1.#QNAN

Any help would be appreciated, i am not a programmer just one of those artists who wants to learn and explore from the older days of 3D creation.

(Also apologize for my bad typing, ive been awake for 3 days straight no sleep ^^; )