problems along side your life

i have a few problems that has been affecting me pretty badly, it lingers through my head like a scent…these are problems that can’t be undone these problems are the ones that can put you in a emotional breakdown…i would tell my problems but most of them are confidential, somethign that nobody should even know about…oh god i don’t know why i did that i think i deserve a big time punishment…i feel like i’m a disgrace to the world and beyond…sighs i might as well try to forget most of the problems and work on the ones that can be fixed abit.

Don’t worry so much about it. Everyone has done something in their life at some point that they wish had never happened. If you are still here posting here and not in jail yet then you should be okay. This will pass and you will learn.

Cheer up!

You should eat more fresh fruit!

It all depends on the individual
it can take years
or one revelation in a day

What is life, but among many thoughts a place where dreams and reality exist side by side, sometimes merging, sometimes so far apart. To borrow and distort a quote from another fine individual, to make your dreams to reality, one must wake up.

Think about forgiveness. If you’ve hurt somebody, ask them to forgive you. If somebody else has hurt you, forgive them and move on. This doesn’t mean that you don’t learn from the event, or that things go back to the way they were, but it allows you to move on and the people that have hurt you no longer live rent-free in your head.

My daughter died in my arms. Whatever problems you have, you can overcome. Others have, and you can too.

thnxs guys your so kind to me… i love it i wish i could do something for you guys because your helping me