Problems Creating Curved Pipe using Nurbs Path

I am trying to create a simple railing or curved pipe.

  1. Created a “Curve Path” object (Image #1) then in “Object Data” I added a (Bevel Depth: 0.50)
  2. Added a “Curve” Modifier.
  3. See result in image #2 (not what I want)

How can I achieve something like Image #3?

You can enable the addon “add curve: extra objects”
Add a spiral then. There are options, bottom of T panel. Alternatively f6 all these parameters on a floating window.
Under object data panel of properties, Fill: = full. On geometry section bellow, Bevel: depth and resolution of circle.

Screw modifier in a modded plane,delete center verts -> convert to curve -> add a smaller curve circle as bevel object:

Michalis. Thanks tried it and it works well.

PyroGXPilot, thanks too. I tried it but I must be missing something. Could you please explain it in detail or add a .blend file.

PyroGX, only problem I see is with this method a plane doesn’t give you a “round” circle, otherwise a good method. :slight_smile:

if u want to do like a spring
just use the screw modifier!

happy bl

Yes, but How??. I created a Bezier Curve, then added depth under “Object Data” then added a Screw Modifier but my results are not good see original post at top of page. Please explain how to do it?

Screw modifier revolves a profile around an axis. By default it’s Z axis and the center of revolution is object’s origin. This can be changed in the modifier’s settings though.

Modifiers modify object data (vertices, control points, etc.), not objects themselves. So you need to orient and position the circle properly in edit mode. Otherwise you’ll need to use a helper object (Axis Object in the modifier’s settings) to define center of revolution and axis.


nurbs_screw.blend (96.6 KB)

Default scene, Cube in Edit mode:

  • Alt-m - Merge at Center.
  • (G)rab along X by your Radii value
  • Add Screw modifier, switch Object mode and finalize settings
  • Apply Screw, Alt-C convert to Curve
  • Set Full, Resolution and Bevel and/or Extrude
  • Alt-C convert to mesh.
  1. Add a circle, let’s say 8 sides and downsize it a lot.
  2. rotate x =90º, apply rotation
  3. Add screw modifier.
    (by default at z axis), Angle=360, screw as needed, Iterations= let’s say 7, steps= as needed. flip= as needed.
    Edit mode, select all vertices, move at x axis away, as needed.
    It is interactive anyway.

Why to involve curves, when you will convert to mesh after?
Because curves are more interactive and animation friendly, probably.
However, the add curve addon is useful for many other cases.

it also depends what u want to do with it!
do u need to animate the curve afterward ?
but this would need some basic rigging like empty ect…

happy bl