problems creating landscapes.

(Tullisti) #1


I’ve founf 3 different tutorials on how to create landscapes, by subdividing a plane, giving it a texture of some sort (either created in the GIMP, or using the clouds plugin), and then hitting the “noise” button in the edit buttons, once all the verticies are selected.

my problem is that whenev i try this, i get a tiny landscape in the center of my plane, and the rest is flat. It’s like blender is shrinking a large (256X256 pixel) texture into just a few squares. i know i can hit the “repeat” button on the texture screen, but then my landscape becomes repeated, and looks odd.

is there anything obvious that I’m doing wrong? any tips/tricks? I’m using blender 2.2.3 and gimp, under debian linux.


(Enzoblue) #2

I don’t know why it does that.

Starting with a fresh new blend, add the plane, subdivide, add material, add texture (image), hit noise and it works.

If you delete that plane, add a new one staying in the same blend, re-add textures etc, hit noise and it’ll either be small, repeat, not be there, just make these little waves… does it different everytime even if you’re doing the exact same thing for every new plane.

Only way I can do it is by starting with a brand new blend if I mess one up.

(Timonides) #3

Allthough I haven’t tried this technique so far, I think that you have to hit the “Noise” button several times, until you get the desired resault…

I think the Blender Manual says somewhere that, once you get it, you have to remove the texture afterwards, because it will disturb the look…

I don’t know… I hope this helps you a bit…


(Alltaken) #4


I don’t know… I hope this helps you a bit…

i do know as i have experienced the same problem.

how i overcame it is (i persume you have left the texture to ORCO)
i applied the texture before i resized the plane.
and after i had subdivided it.

to my understanding the texture you used would make a bump of a size 2x2 squares in the middle of the screen.

i changed how the texture was applied (can’t remember)

i have just tried to recreate the problem but cannot figure out how to make it make a small bump in the middle (hmmm i’ve done it before)

so i sugest you try and muck around and if all else fails add a new plane subdivde add a texture use noise funtion THEN RESIZE.

this will always work if done it that order.

(IanC) #5

I had this problem, if you scale the plane out of editmode, then I think it should be fine.