problems modelling a cartoon face

I am trying to modelling a cartoon lookalike face.
The harder I try the worse it get.
The line in the middle is because I an using mirror .
I wanted to have beautiful gladde contours but it almost is gettng with bumps.
How can I fix this or can I better start all over again.

Do you have an image we can see?

I posted a new image the last one was very big.

You could use the sculpt tool and set it up to smooth stuff out, or select the whole mesh and hit smooth a few times.
that will shrinck the mesh though,
I bet the more work you do i.e. the mouth and lips and what not, you will get smoother and smoother as you go, just keep working it, it is like clay, or playdoe you just keep “sculpting”
Good luck, I dont think it looks that bad by the way.
it is a cartoon right, not real life

Okay I keep on practising and its true it is just like clay.
That a good comparison.

i would recommend modelling the basic shape of the head, as just a subsurfaced cube, as a ‘cage’ with maybe one or two loop cuts, and once you have the basic shape, use the retopo tool, to build your mesh on that base. that way everything will stay nice and regular, and areas can be redone easily, if you don’t like the topology. then, just move the original base mesh to another layer and do some tweaking on the new one.

There’s just too many vertices that cause the sharp edges there - maybe start all over again using the face tutorial method.

I have deleted a lot of vertices , with smooth the face is getting to small.
The setting is now subsurf - catmull clark level 5 render level 1.

The image is looking much better now.
I will try to work on it for a while and I also going to make a new face as well.

the render level should be the higher level, generally. the other one is how many levels it calculates while youre working with it in the 3D window. I still think you should start out with a much lower poly model with a couple of subsurfacings, to get a nice even surface, before adding higher poly details. You might be able to smooth out some of those ridges by collapsing vertices with ‘alt M’ though. But it’s kind of hard to tell what’s really going on just form looking at the surface. Hey, if you want to look at some good examples of modelling with a low poly cage, check out calvins stuff. He is really good at getting the most out of the least ammount of polys. And that is the best way to get the nice curves, and the super smoothness.