problems playing premade games; controls don't work [OS X?]

hello again; i now have the Gamekit, and have hit a roadblock quickly: in trying simply to play any of the premade games, i am finding that my keyboard controls do not produce effect. i am on a PowerBook running OS X. has anyone else had this problem?

curiously, when i try the intro facelift .blend and the Squish the Bunny .blend, the Fire button does work for both… even though it’s a different key for both!! [Ctrl for the facelift intro and Space for Bunny]! :frowning:

any thoughts?

[ps - ok, it’s the Fire button for Bunny; and when i hit the keys sounds occur, and the gun muzzle wobbles around, but no movement. the point of all this is simply ask if there is any known issue with keyboard controls, and what a fix might be.]

  • aqaraza

there is an issue with mouse input iiirc

however, it was mentioned on but I don’t see a bug report for it

what version of blender are you trying to use?

2.35 … also, it’s the keyboard that is not responding, rather than the mouse. do you mean maybe that i shld remove the mouse before trying to move with the keyboard…?

thanks for helping, btw…

  • aqaraza

2.35 has problems with the gamekit files it seems to me, in windows… well, a little [not very much it seems]

try 2.32 through 2.34, or 2.25

it works: under 2.25, controls work as expected. oddly, though, there is no sound:slight_smile: but if i have to choose at the moment, i will take movement.

hm. i wonder why controls are broken in 2.35… ah well, welcome to the world of ‘stable builds’ vs new-release builds i guess!

thanks very much for your help.

  • aqaraza

There is a force bug in 2.35 that was fixed right after 2.35a. Check the testing builds forum at and download a bleeding edge release. Then you can have your cake and eat it too :slight_smile:

mmmmmm, cake…

:slight_smile: thanks!

  • aq