PROBLEMS Really Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please someone help or ive suggesstions on the following problems:

-In blender2.41 to 2.45 the game engines dont work.when i press p it crashes and gives an error saying BLENDER.EXE HAS ENCOUNTED A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO CLOSE. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.i tried updating drivers but nothing:(

-blender2.40 game engine works but when i try to run the runtime i created, i get the same error as above.and i have put the dlls in the same folder.

-in blender2.40 the game engine does not show an animation using amatures wen i press p.



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…also, when asking for tech support, always provide details about your system.

We’ll need some more system information to answer the technical questions. What version of Windows, which service packs, video card, motherboard, etc.

As far as armatures go, you need to set up the logic bricks to play the animation. It doesn’t play automatically.

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ok im so sorry about that.i didnt mean to double post.very very sorry for everything lets start of fresh?

i found that BGE 2.40 doesnt support armatures thats the reason the anim dont work.

i tried blender on a friends pc nd it worked for him.i now know that the problem is with my display driver.i think its coz im using my cousins motherboard disc.(my motherboard disc got damaged)

i have an intel p4, 3ghz, 512mb ram nd the onboard graphics 64mb plug and play via s3g unichrome pro igp (i dont think i have a gfx card), i use windows xp sp2.

im not so good at this gfx thing.i think i need to download the correct drivers for my pc but i dont know which to download?my motherboard disc has drivers and utilities printed on it with a city like pic on it(any1 familiar with it?) pls sum1 point me in the right direction.

if u need anymore details ill provide thanks

Most manufacturers will let you download the latest drivers from their websites. You should go check the appropriate pages for drivers for your mobo and video card.

i have re-installed windows and guess what…blender v2.45 works except when i run the games its too slow and the animation with armatures works even the runtime works but all this is working because i didnt install any drivers after re-installing windows.i think if i install my cousins drivers it wont work coz its not the correct drivers.i need sum help on getting the correct drivers.plantperson can u help me to download the correct drivers?i checked my pc’s userguide and it says via p4m800ce + vt8237r plus chipset based then below that it has pm8m3-v i think my driver manufacturer is S3 but im not sure which driver to download

oh and wats mobo?


How old is this computer? S3 is not a very good company…I highly recommend some upgrades. You may want to buy a new computer or at least a new graphics card. I suspect the reason the game engine runs slowly is not any fault of the drivers but rather that your hardware is simply too slow for it. Are there any professional games that you play on this box?

If you have the PC’s manual it should tell you the website to visit to find new drivers. Once at that website you can probably find the drivers you need easily. You might also be able to use the Device Manager’s Update Driver tool to do so. (Right-click My Computer, click Manage, click Device Manager, right-click appropriate device, click Update Driver)

im saying it runs too slow when i didnt have any drivers installed.i went on msi site nd installed the drivers just now nd the ge dont work.i dont understand y it only works when i dont have any drivers installed.the pc is almost 1 year old.i played nfsu1,2,3 and they worked good.i am going to buy a graphics card but im not sure if it will solve the crashing.wat do recommend? a 128mb or 256mb geforce graphics card?:no::(now i dont know wat to do

i tried blender v2.45 on a friends pc which is slower than my pc and it worked on his pc.howcome?

Well, before you go spending $$$ on a graphics card, maybe you should have someone who know computers better than you take a look at yours and fix whatever is not working correctly…

It won’t do any good to add new hardware if your OS is borked…

if i knew any1 with better computer knowledge than me i would not have made this topic.u people are the only ones i know that has more pc knowledge than me.

if i knew any1 with better computer knowledge than me i would not have made this topic.u people are the only ones i know that has more pc knowledge than me.

Good luck then…

so guys theres no solution to my problem?

in the cmd window of blender it says detected gl_arb_texture_env_combine below this it says enabled gl_arb_multitexture then below this it says detected gl_ext_seperate_specular_colour

any idea on wats the problem?