Problems Registering at Blender Projects?

I’ve been trying to sign up there ( to submit something to the bug tracker, but the sign up process appears to be broken. Upon entering all my details a confirmation email in sent. I follow the link in it to a sign in page to complete the registration, but when I try login I get the following:

Access denied

Credentials you entered do not correspond to valid account.

I’ve tried it twice with 2 separate email accounts, ensuring all data is correct, and I always get the same result. Is anyone else encountering this problem?

There doesn’t seem to be any contact information for help with the problem on the blender site, so I thought I’d post something here.

This happens for me as well trying to register on – What browser do you use? I have a feeling it may have something to do with our cookie/java/javascript settings.


I’ve tried it both in IE 6.0 and Firefox 0.9, and both bring up the same result :frowning:

I can’t register with either.

Registered this morning at 7:15 am or so.

Still no confirmation email 12 hours later