Problems using Bone Child of Constraint in Blender and then importing

Hi Everyone!

I’m importing animations from Blender 2.7 into Unity 4.3 the model has a Rigify rig and I’m seeing some odd things happening:

I’m using Bone->Child Constraint to keep certain objects attached to others, for example the weapon magazine clip bone has a Bone “Child of” constraint to the actual weapon. The influence is set to 1.000 (Which should mean firmly / completely attached, right?)

In Blender the animations are perfect, but when I play the animations back in Unity the weapon magazine clip is kind of loosely attached to the weapon, it slides around a little bit! Difficult to explain (I do have a video of the problem if anyone thinks it will help?).

So, yeah in Blender I could say that objects with the Bone Child of Constraint are firmly attached but when importing into Unity, the animations look as if the objects are loosely attached (sliding around a bit).

Please let me know if you have any ideas or if I could provide some more information that might help track down the cause of this problem.

Thanks all!