Problems Using Shrink Wrap Modifier to bake Normals

Hi, please see the attached diagram. I am new to this and would appreciate any help to understand the best way to Make a low poly mesh from an high poly sculpt. Thanks

The low poly version should do follow more the basic shape:

On good choise is to do a retopology of a low poly by snapping onto the surface of the high poly.

Ok, that’s what I thought. Thanks. Do you know if Blender has an auto retopology function like ZBrush.

There is a Remesh and a Decimate modifier, which can be helpfull (don’t forget to test them on a copy of your mesh) and on sculpt mode there is a remesh… (not used yet)

Ok, thanks. Appreciate it. :+1:

And just lately i learned, there is even a directly a remesher right under: Object Data Properties → Remesh: Voxel/Quad with lots of options :slight_smile: