problems with anisculp script

hi, did any1 tried anisculp by pepeland?
Im trying to use anisculp script but running into some problems.
the technic itself works fine for me if i just make animation cache and then go over the blendshapes.
but when i try to run the script i have probelms. first its collapsing when i hit the undo ctrl+Z button.
second i have problems when i use the script on a rigged character with blendshapes like the rig from (the problems appear when i run blendshapes from the script and the character already have facial blendshapes, so they are intersecting each other)

i also tried to take out an animation cache from maya 2009 to blender without much of success either. the object was imported succesfully but without the animation, but i think it might be a problem coming from maya.

did any1 tried these things before? any solutions?