problems with blade modeling

Hello 2 all pls explain to me how to make normal faces. problem on image.

I want to fill left hole and fix the right side. This is a top of engine blade. front view.

And one more question. Whats the spots are on the model ?

Looks like you have a seriously messed up mesh for your engine blade. Triangles do not play well with subsurf, neither do doubled vertices or interior faces. The ‘spots’ on your model are an artifact of showing the subsurf surface and the mesh in the same window. In the ‘spots’ the subsurf surface covers the mesh that generated the surface.

Try selecting everything in edit mode and removing doubles. Then take a look at your mesh in face select mode and wire frame view to check for interior faces. If you find any delete them.

You make normal faces (not display normals, just ordinary run of the mill faces) by modeling carefully, especially avoiding double extrusions, which can sneak into your model very easily.

bad topology (I think i’ve said that too many times this month)

Learn topology as soon as you start learning a 3d modeling program,it helps heaps and everything is 100x easier.

Yes dude you are tight. Topology is very important. Go to lern about it and modeling more!

Also thx to Orinoco for explaining