Problems with blender screen

I was working on a project in “Edit Mode”. Then, when i changed to “Object Mode” to set the camera and lights, Blender buttons and menus got black :expressionless: . They just return to normal color when i change to “Edit Mode” again
I don’t think it’s RAM problem because it was a simple mesh and my computer was working normally.
Thanks :wink:

yeah, that happens to me randomly too, but it seems to stop if i click on the same button again, or just run the mouse over the buttons that turned black

The problem is with your ATI graphics drivers. They broke support for blender some time ago, for now the only work around is to use version 4.4.6 and earlier.

so, wt can i do about it? update the video card drives??

No you don’t want to update, you want to go back a couple of versions. I personally have version 6.14.10 catalyst driver on ATI 9600. It seems to work decently well.

I read on this forum a while ago that if you put a file named “atioglxx.dll” into your blender directory (on windows C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender) that it makes it go faster, crash less, and work more reliably. I did it, and though I saw no complete and noticeable speed up I’m sure it helped. It may be worth a try before seeking out and updating drivers.

where can i find it? :expressionless:

Find what, the old driver or atioglxx.dll?

atioglxx.dll is in “C:\Windows\System32”

The old driver I have no idea where to find. Try google is my only advice.

Through some research (i.e. google) I found these: Omega Drivers

I have never personally used them so I can’t make a recommendation for them, but it could be worth a look into. I notice in their archives they have drivers all the way back to Catalyst 2.2 (including Catalyst 4.4 except in Omega Driver Format).

Their forums (through the search function) seem to have only one post pertaining to Blender, so not much help there or people who’ve tried it.