problems with blender

hi everyone.
i’ve had blender for a pretty long time and ever scince i got it it’s been preforming worse and worse. every time the mouse goese over a button, i try to scale something, or change the colour. now it also dose it when i reacha keyframe in animation so it will get to a certain point then go blac then come back on, then go black and so on. it’s only started doing it with keyframes recently. dose anyone know how to fix this?

Have you tried saving your .blend file and restarting Blender, if that doesn’t work have you tried turning your computer off and then turning it on to reset the memory?

It may be possible part of it could be you needing to get a better PC as well (considering what you said about your computer being very weak, you can get a decent one that runs most software for 400-500 USD (in my country at least))

it dose it all the time. the animation is working properly now but it still goes black with everything else. besides getting a new pc, is there any way to stop this? i’m still in school and don’t have the money.