problems with collision detection

I have a character and an armature, the armature is parented to a box. The armature and the character are both set to No collision and the box is set to Dynamic. I added a plane mesh as the floor and when I start playing the game the character falls to the ground no problem and can walk around just fine. However when I try adding another plane thats slightly tilted it acts as though its not there, it just goes through it. Also when my character leaves the initial plane it continues to walk without falling. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

if you post your blend file we can get at the problem faster and fix it. post it here at BA or pasteall

This is it, I was trying to figure out why I cant get up the tilted plane as well as why can I go through a box like its not even there, anyways here it is:

Here it is.

What was wrong:
You missed the point of the box! The box is what the armature and the player mesh is supposed to be parented to. The box should contain all the information for moving left and right, and jumping (which I added for you). The reason this is used is because it is simpler to calculate collisions for a box than a complicated mesh.

Initially when I made the slope the character would walk up and then slide down. To fix this, I added a new material to the ground and clicked on the ‘dyn’ button. the dyn stands for ‘dynamic’. I then moved the ‘friction’ slider all the way up.

here is your game:

Thank you so much! I am very grateful, this means that if I add platforms with the same material I should not walk through it anymore right.

Try it.

next time, upload your .blend file to pasteall, or to BA directly using attachments.

I tryed to upload it directly to BA but it didn’t work, I thought it was because of its size I guess but im not sure I tryed multiple times. And I went to but after clicking, free filesharing it redirected me to so I thought that was it.

Hmm easy mistake, the free file sharing link is actually a google ad, to upload a blend click the blender icon in the top right that looks like a blend file.

oh okay, thanks