Problems with Eevee Displacement

Dear Blender community,

I’m focusing on working with Eevee at the moment. My problem is that I don’t get good results with displaced materials nether with Cycles nor with Eevee.

As I learned in tutorials I used a Principled BSDF in combination with Image Textures. I used the Diffuse (Color Space: sRGB), the Roughness (CS: nonColor) and the Normal (CS: nonColor) textures of the material. All three are connected with the same Mapping and Texture Coordinate node. I order to get a little more detail to the Normal configuration I put a Bump node in between.

To enable Displacment in Eevee, I added two modifiers to the object. I added the Subdivision and the Displacer modifier. For the Displacer I used the Normal Map as texture.

I think my displacer has problems with my using of the Normal texture. When I’m in solid view it seems like the Mapping of the Normal Map isn’t the same as in my Nodes.

Can someone please help me?

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Enclosed you can find the blend.file.

WeTransfer Link:

Please post screenshots of your setup (modifiers + node setup).

Eevee does not support displacement so going with modifiers is the right way however you cant just use a normal map as your displacement , that part of your explanation is a bit convoluted.

I think it is better now:

What I did: Subdivided mesh 10 times - it needed a lot more faces to render displacement properly plus I linked a displacement map to the displacement modifier - normal map used in disp. modifier yielded wierd results. Additionaly in the node editor I added a displecement map and linked it properly to principled bsdf. Hope I helped!


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Ok, here are the screenshots of my Setup

Thanks, it looks better now. But is it even possible to get it look like this?

If you throw me the “texture” link, I will try to help. You can get this look.

thank you. I will look at it in the day.

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I thank you for helping :+1:

I tried but it’s a really hard material. I hope it is the quality you want. :pizza:

Dark Light:

Sun Light:

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That’s impressive! How did you achieve that? Can you upload a blend.file?

I suggest you to redefine textures. there may be a loss of quality during compression.

For this quality, you need to rearrange the light and material according to your scene. In “Eevee” you have to handle most things manually.

I can’t extract the file it seems to be damaged. Can you upload it again, please :slight_smile:

original_sphere.blend (208.3 KB)
ı removed packed textures and HDR. Use the “Forest” hdr in the blender directory.
"C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\blender-2.81-windows64\2.81\datafiles\studiolights\world"
and use the find textures for 8K rock texture.
"File / External Data / Find Missing File" and select you texture directory.