problems with exe-files

(datura) #1

I would like to export a game in only one file, but this doesn’t work.
It always asks for the fmod.dll and the python20.dll.
I’ve tried to export a dynamic and a normal runtimefile.

Any suggestions ?

(doogs) #2

The two .dll files you need are in the blenderpublisher directory, just copy them :slight_smile:


(saluk) #3

If you want to distribute as one file, DONT save as DYNAMIC exe. This is for when you want to have it read files outside the exe. Save it as just a plain ol exe and it wont ask for those files. But in my experience dynamic exe’s work just a little better. And I haven’t gotten sound to work in a plain exe.

Still can’t get an exe (dynamic or not) to import external pthon modules :frowning: