Problems with explosion and particles

I did the tutorial here: My letter B shards go through the plane. Also the solidify modifier makes shards stretch outm throughtout the animation. The tutorial didn’t give good explanations as to how to prevent these two things from happening or how to fix them. I know my topology is messed up, (because I lack the skills). But is there still a way to easily fix these two issues in my animation?

Screen shot of what I’m talking about:

Link to my blend file:

Select the B object, in object mode clear its scale with Ctrl+A / Scale.
You would also have to adjust the thickness in the solidify modifier to get bak to the original thickness

That worked great. I had to delete the solidifier and add it again… But no shard streaks now. I didn’t think fixing this was going to be so easy. Thanks. Now I have to find out how to get my B not to fall through the plane.