Problems with exporting from Blender to Unity (new exporter)?

Hello everyone!
Is it possible to use Blender’s FBX 7.4 binary-exporter and export materials and textures that are linked to the selection, too?
I have read it is possible
( ).
When I save the .blend and the textures in the Unity Assets folder, the materials and textures will be set up nicely. Everything is named like I named it in Blender.
But when I try exporting separate meshes as .fbx, there will only be the exported object and the folder “Materials”, which contains a material called “No Name”. “No Name” is set to a simple diffuse shader and has no texture assigned.

Here is an image showing the export settings I use:

Does anyone have an idea how this could work?

Also, when I use “Path Mode : Copy” and select “Embed Textures”, it doesn’t seem to do anything different at all.

I almost forgot:
Exporting animations will also cause problems.
When I export animated objects and take a look at them in Unity, there will be AnimationClips that are not supposed to be there.
Sometimes, there are additional animations called “Scene” and sometimes there will be animations belonging to other objects.

Many thanks in advance,

Well “No Name” is Default Material for all exported model.

Usualy i never set the material on blender, I just Make the UV map and set the material inside the Unity. This because i feel more easier then to set all material on Blender and then export it to Unity. (Sometimes exported material from blender will messed up after applied to Unity. In my case at least)

For the export error sometimes happen to me as welll.

Just simply Restart blender and try to export it again. and try to enable “Auto Run Phyton Script” from user preferences if you havent (user preferences > File > Check Auto Run Python Script) this fix my “Not Found” problem while exporting all model

For export setting i always set it to default config

Hopefully that could help

Thank you very much for your reply, RizkleYudha!
I see. You are doing things kind of differently than me. I assign materials in Blender so I can see better how it will look while building the geometry.
When reading your post, I guess I am better off exporting .blend files rather than .fbx files.
I will probably have to set up the materials in Unity anyway.
So I might as well know that I have to do this rather than hoping that it will set it up automatically.
I don’t really like working with unpredictable material. I guess I fear some bugs may be corrupting more of the file later on.
Maybe I will give “Auto Run Python Script” a shot. Or maybe I will try the exporter in 2.72 again.
I’ve heard they are still working on it.