Problems with Frog Animation (v2.44)

Hi there,

I’m still not that familiar with blender animation.
Lets say this frog is my first project! I modeled and parentet
it to an armature, just take a look at the attechment.

I disabeled Envelope and assignet Vertex Groups.
When I want to move the bones, there are some silliy results,
but changing the weight of some Vertex makes no difference.
There just moving, or not moving!

~Edit~ I tried to use Weight Paint but some Vertex are completle
blue (Weight = 0) buy the still do move with their bones…
I don`t understand this at all!

By the way: I have no idea how to give a frog-looking material,
And why are there these black lines in the 3d model???

Thanks for help!


Welcome to the wonderful world of rigging. It’s not something you have done in a minute or so.
Those black lines might be errors in your mesh. It can be a normal problem, or you have overlapping geometry, or just some bad topology and as a result the shading looks off. Also I notice the frog doesn’t appear to be mirrored correctly, how did you make it symmetrical? several ways to do this, easiest currently is to just use the mirror modifier.

Thanks for your welcome and your answer!!
I had problems with the mirror modifier, so I just used Mesh -> Mirror. Thats why its not 100% symmetrical now!

I read and read und tried and tried… but I still don’t know why some Vertex won’t move with the bones… What do I wrong??:frowning:


send the rig or upload at polorix or something then we can take a look.
There are a few things like some topology that could be a little better.
You should definitly fix the ugly mirror line. Mirror modifier or not, it’s no problem at all to model symmetrical in blender.

Maybe you think you disabled envelopes, but are they really disabled in the armature modifier? uncheck it.
Or maybe these verts have more than one vertgroup. press shift lmb in weight paint mode over the vertex to see the groups it belongs to.

Here is the Frog.blend and object file!
You can have a look at everything now.

Thanks for spending time with my little noob frog

P.S.: I tried to animate a little jump in 1 - 60… rigging and mirror lines are still ugly