Problems with games

I’m having a little trouble with my projects. The first one the bullet seem to go in a odd direction

The second one the second object won’t show up

Any help would be most welcome.

I have also had this problem of a parented object rotating on its own whin i rotate the parent object no idea why it happens though does anybody know?

Strange, didn’ see this before. Sure it isn’t a bug?

The bullet shooter is parented to the turret. The turret parent to tank, so when tank rotates the turret rotates too, but the bulletshooter doesn’t rotate well with the curret. No idea it should work perfect. :-?

Well I hope someone can answer my question. What about the other one ?

Hello, there’s axe2 also. Any help with that ?

I had the exact same problem with the shells in my boat game. Guess it must be a bug.

For your other problem, your expression should read ‘sensor3’ not ‘sensor’.


Ah, now I see how it’s played out. thanks.

Forgot to mention, you don’t really need the first part, you can just put
‘Axe2>0’ as the sensor is already calculated.


Thanks for the tip

Ok, since this is already on topic, here’s another problem I’m having. I can’t figure out why the walls are white when in game mode. I see if there’s any doubles but in the mean time would anyone know what would cause this. Here the file.

On the tank prob:

Unparent all objects, apply size & rotation (ctrl-a) on turret and tank, then parent them all again the way you’ve got it. Then it should work (at least it does here ;))…

That seem to do it and the other one was doubles, so I’m cool for now.