Problems with gingerbread man tutorial

Very early in the learning curve here. I’m trying to go through the quick animation in the official blender docs. Figure 14 (part 1, ch04s02.html) shows some SubSurf controls in the Mesh Panel of an Edit Buttons window. I can’t get these controls to appear. Documentation out of step with v2.42, or am I somehow in the wrong mode?

Also, I downloaded the html docs, but I don’t see an html wrapper for both part 1 and part 2. There’s index.html in I and p2.html in II. Am I missing something.


Figure 4.16 is the one I’m talking about. Apologies for the mistake.

I had been doing doing the same tutorial and found the same problem.
You can find SubSurf in a panel named Modifiers nearby the Mesh panel in Add Modifiers.
The same tutorial but more updated one can be found here.

Eh, use the BSoD character animation tutorial. It’s like the gingerman, but much more in depth and updated and easier for the new user to understand.

Awesome! Looks really great. Much obliged.